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Pecan Springs was surveyed by our great-great-grandfather Colonel James E. (Ebenezer) McCord, who served as Commander of the Texas Rangers from 1863 to 1864 during the Civil War. (More about Col. McCord and the Texas Rangers later.) 


A land surveyor, J. E., along with partner and cousin Andrew E. Lindsey, came to West Central Texas in 1856 and 1857 on multiple trips to survey the lands on the western edge of the Texas frontier which became Coleman, Brown, Runnels, Callahan, McCulloch and Eastland counties.


During one trip where J.E. surveyed the future site of Camp Colorado, he also surveyed a beautiful piece of land near present day Coleman. He named it Pecan Springs, for its natural springs that flowed from a large cave and its beautiful large pecan trees, and he filed a certificate of ownership on the land, knowing he wanted to return there.


After the Civil War, J. E. eventually returned to Coleman, to the Pecan Springs Ranch he had surveyed and claimed as a younger man. Pecan Springs Ranch continued as a thriving cattle ranch for generations through the McCord family. It was also a beloved destination for our family and friends to gather at the beautiful area near the springs to enjoy barbeque, s’mores, and wading in the stream.


The naming tradition for our ancestors was James [middle name] McCord:


James Ebenezer (J.E.) McCord – our great-great grandfather

James Pressley (J.P.) “Press” McCord – our great-grandfather

James Beaumont (J.B.) McCord – our grandfather 


Our grandfather J.B. and his wife Billie did not have a son, so their daughter, our mom Netta, and her husband, Hershell Wilson, named their son:

James McCord Wilson 


McCord continued the tradition, using another family name in naming his son:

Pressley “Press” McCord Wilson


We hope nobody uses Ebenezer in the future!

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