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Find us Saturdays 8 - 12 at Saint Michael's Farmers Market or shop online for local Dallas delivery or shipping nationwide.

Texas Trash.

Texas Salsa.

Savory & Spicy.

Dangerously Delicious.
Born in Coleman. Made in Dallas.

Hello and Welcome! Our family has enjoyed our snacks for generations - we're excited to now share them with you! They're bold, savory and spicy, inspired by the bold tastes of Texas we enjoyed while growing up in Coleman. See Our Story for more.

Whether you want a snack for yourself or as a gift, or need snack party favors to spice up your special event or gift bags, please let us know how we can help! 



"Absolute best Texas snack mix and salsa – nothing better."

Sarah Rathjen

“Your Texas Salsa and Texas Trash are Amazing!!!!”

Shirley Cohn, Dallas Realtor

“!Your salsa ROCKS, so delicious”

The Tall Swede, Private Chef in Vail, CO

“Texas Trash makes the best gifts for clients and friends!  I always have it on hand and my houseguests fall in love, so I have to mail them some afterwards!”

Lucinda Buford, Dallas Realtor

“We LOVE your salsa, it’s delicious. We’ve tried so many canned salsas and have chosen yours!”

Kristin Butler, Dallas Wedding Planner

“It is my FAVORITE salsa I have ever had and I am a salsa connoisseur!!”

Jill Teigen

“Absolutely love your Texas Trash! It’s the best mix I’ve ever had!!”

Stacy Ostowar

“Your salsa is the BEST!” 

Luca Bruno, Owner, Due Luca Bruno Boutique, Vail, CO

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